Functional Requirements

Black metal bar

Including easy car iron, pure iron, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, special steel and so on

Deformed bars

Steel bars usually have shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square and groove, and special shapes require drawing confirmation.

Nonferrous metal bar

Copper bar, copper alloy bar, aluminum bar and aluminum alloy bar drawing production

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawing seamless pipe, precision pipe, round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe, etc

Design Features

Automatic feeding, extrusion head

Shorten the auxiliary operation time and drawing rhythm, reduce the labor intensity of the operator

Foye Double Chain Stretching Machine

The drawing center line is consistent with the equipment center line, the drawing process is stable, and the product has high dimensional accuracy, surface quality and flatness

Convenient unloading

After being drawn by the double-strand stretching machine, the pipe directly falls from the space between the two chains, and enters the material basket through the inclined slide plate of the drawing machine or is output by the horizontal output mechanism

Wide range of use

The double-strand stretching machine can not only draw large-size pipes at the maximum tonnage, but also draw small pipes, and will not cause the problem that the trolley hook cannot be lifted up or can not be disconnected due to too small tension

Typical topology


System advantages

Variety of shape specifications1

By designing different shapes of molds, cold drawn steel with different cross-sectional shapes and different specifications tolerances can be cold drawn. The angle can be designed to be right or round.

Material saving2

The cold drawing process is to cold extrude the raw materials to achieve the required shape, specifications and tolerances. The loss of raw materials is minimal. Compared with the materials consumed by traditional lathe machining and cutting, the material saved by cold drawn steel is very considerable. , Especially when the amount of material is large, the saving of material cost is more significant.

Processing time and processing machinery savings3

Because of its accurate precision and good surface condition, cold drawn steel products can be used directly, such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling, or directly electroplating after fine drawing according to actual requirements, eliminating a lot of machining time and saving configuration processing The cost of machinery.

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