Functional Requirements

Black metal bar

Including easy car iron, pure iron, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, special steel and so on

Deformed bars

Steel bars usually have shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square and groove, and special shapes require drawing confirmation.

Nonferrous metal bar

Copper bar, copper alloy bar, aluminum bar and aluminum alloy bar drawing production

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawing seamless pipe, precision pipe, round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe, etc

Design Features

Uncoiler \ Uncoiler

Continuous drawing, each plate of material only one head, incoming material length is not limited, high productivity and yield


Prestraightener is the device for roughly straightening the wire and feeding it into the extrusion die. The wire will be more stable, releasing stress before drawing.

Drawing unit

The drawing trolley is driven to reciprocate by CAM rotation to realize continuous drawing of materials. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated design, drawing trolley precise movement track, steady speed, good product quality.

Fine straightening

The precision straightening machine is composed of length speed measuring wheel, horizontal straightening group and vertical straightening group. The horizontal straightening group and the vertical straightening group were independently powered.

Numerical control shearing

CNC shearing machine is a fixed length, speed following, hydraulic shearing equipment

Foye polishing machine

The polisher is composed of a frame, adjustable polisher, fixed polisher, straightening barrel, blade and polishing tank, etc., which can make the metal rod more bright and straight.

2-roll straightener

2-roll straightener has the function of straightening and calendering. The surface of metal bar is ground and straightened by two convex and concave rollers. The utility model is characterized in that the pressure amount of the roller can be automatically adjusted, and the straightness of the metal rod can be improved again.

Electric cabinet

Foye joint drawing machine is a multi-function and fully automated production line. Can be automatic feeding, automatic die, automatic sleeve rod, pipe automatic falling and automatic adjustment center.

Typical topology


System advantages

Production automation1

Foye combined drawing machine adopts mechatronic design, through man-machine interactive operation, equipped with automatic and manual operation mode, combined drawing machine equipment composition to meet the different process requirements of the production line.

Responsive and reliable2

Can realize the tube billet to disc, disc to fixed ruler drawings and other production plans, the process is flexible. Multiple cores can be loaded at one time to reduce material consumption and realize high-speed continuous drawing.

Improve drawing quality and linear precision3

The biggest advantage of foye combined drawing machine is that the bar material is straight through the drawing machine, the bar section is not affected by bending stress, the length is not limited. Product size and shape tolerances can be well controlled.

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