Functional Requirements

Black metal bar

Including easy car iron, pure iron, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, special steel and so on

Deformed bars

Steel bars usually have shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square and groove, and special shapes require drawing confirmation.

Nonferrous metal bar

Copper bar, copper alloy bar, aluminum bar and aluminum alloy bar drawing production

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawing seamless pipe, precision pipe, round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe, etc

Design Features

Adjustment of straightening roll

The two rollers of the two-roll straightener are one concave roller and one convex roller, which becomes a straightening channel through the guide plate, and then achieves the straightening effect through the curve match of the roller shape. The roll curve is made according to the size of one type of steel pipe, but it must be adapted to the straightening requirements of a certain size range, which is usually satisfied by adjusting the dip Angle of the roll.

Automatic feed

The two-roll straightener is composed of automatic feeding rack, two-roll main machine and receiving rack. The two-roll straightener of Foye Machinery is a comprehensive advanced technology, and the roll curve is independently developed. Equipment stability, easy operation, straightening product straightness and high finish.

Typical topology


System advantages

Dual function1

The roller shape curve of vertical two-roller machine has the dual function of straightening and rolling, which can realize the straightening and rolling in the full length range.

Precise straightening2

The principle of roller compaction and straightening is adopted by constant pressure load control to ensure that the bar is applied with the pressure required for straightening and rolling, and the phenomenon of head and tail shrinkage can be reduced.

A sensitive and reliable3

The main drive of foye vertical two-roller machine adopts AC motor, reducer variable frequency stepless speed regulation, roller joint adopts electric adjustment and ruler display, which is easy to operate and maintain.

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