Functional Requirements

Black metal bar

Including easy car iron, pure iron, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, special steel and so on

Deformed bars

Steel bars usually have shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square and groove, and special shapes require drawing confirmation.

Nonferrous metal bar

Copper bar, copper alloy bar, aluminum bar and aluminum alloy bar drawing production

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawing seamless pipe, precision pipe, round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe, etc

Design Features


Continuous drawing, each plate of material only one head, incoming material length is not limited, high productivity and yield


Prestraightener is the device for roughly straightening the wire and feeding it into the extrusion die. The wire will be more stable, releasing stress before drawing.

Automatic squeeze head

The auxiliary operation time and drawing rhythm are shortened, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced

Foye double chain continuous drawing main machine

The drawing center line is consistent with the equipment center line, the drawing process is stable, and the dimensional precision, surface quality and straightness of the products are high

Fine straightening

The fine straightening machine is divided into horizontal straightening and vertical straightening, so that the material straightening is more comprehensive than the single direction straightening, repeated bending to achieve the straightening effect.

Numerical control shearing

CNC shearing machine is a fixed length, speed following, hydraulic shearing equipment.

The automatic control

Foye joint drawing machine is a multi-function and fully automated production line. Can be automatic feeding, automatic die, automatic sleeve rod, pipe automatic falling and automatic adjustment center.

Typical topology


System advantages

Fully automatic production1

Foye double-chain continuous drawing machine only needs to be operated when feeding and receiving materials, which reduces labor force and improves production efficiency. A whole line machine needs only one person to watch, and the production efficiency reaches 25m per minute

High efficiency double chain drawing2

The working time can reach 16 hours a day without interruption, realizing the enterprise's two shifts working time system, the finished products produced high quality.

Wide range of use3

Foye double chain drawing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation and strong adaptability. Tube, rod and die products can be cold-drawn on the same equipment.

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