Functional Requirements

Black metal bar

Including easy car iron, pure iron, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, special steel and so on

Deformed bars

Steel bars usually have shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square and groove, and special shapes require drawing confirmation.

Nonferrous metal bar

Copper bar, copper alloy bar, aluminum bar and aluminum alloy bar drawing production

Seamless steel pipe

Cold drawing seamless pipe, precision pipe, round pipe, square pipe, shaped pipe, etc

Design Features

Round bar polishing machine

The polishing machine is a device that polishes the surface of the material by pressing a round rod with two sets of fixed and movable polishing discs and rotating at a high speed.

working principle

2 pairs (4 pieces) of polishing discs are used for surface grinding of the metal rod, and 5-7 nozzles are used for straightening the metal rod, which can make the metal rod brighter and straighter.

Typical topology


System advantages

Product smooth1

After the bar passes through the polishing machine, it can not only improve the smoothness and straightness of the surface of the material, but also reduce the hardness of the chilled layer produced by the drawing of the bar surface.

Precision machinery2

The parts processing requirements are very strict, requiring the use of high-precision rolling bearings and other accessories to ensure that the product quality meets the standards.

High speed3

The polishing speed reaches 80-90m/min, which is controlled and adjusted by the frequency converter. Due to the high transmission speed, the surface of the material is smooth and silvery.

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