Stainless steel rod combined drawing unit

The stainless steel bar combined drawing machine achieves the straightening effect by repeatedly bending and stretching the stainless steel material of the curved round bar, hexagonal bar and square bar. A device that uses a polishing machine or a vertical two-roller to polish and calender the surface of round rod materials to achieve a silver-bright effect.


1. Fully automatic production: Only people are required to operate during unwinding and receiving, which reduces labor and improves production efficiency. A whole line machine only needs one person to guard, and the production efficiency reaches 60 meters

2. Stable performance: The working time of the machine can reach 16 hours a day without interruption, realizing the enterprise's two-shift working time system;

3. The finished product is of high quality: the surface roughness reaches Ra0.8, and the straightness is 0.10-0.25mm/m

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Product details

Unwinder\Uncoiler: It is a device to facilitate the removal of the front end of the wire\coil and insert it into the preliminary straightening part.

Pre-straightening: Pre-straightening is a device that feeds the wire into the extrusion die after rough straightening. In order to make the wire after the wire more stable, the wire is removed from its own stress before being stretched.

Drawing host: the reciprocating movement of the drawing trolley is driven by the cam rotation to realize continuous drawing of materials. Choose the corresponding mold and jaw according to the size of the material. Determine the stretching process according to different materials.

Fine straightening: The fine straightening machine consists of a length and speed measuring wheel, a horizontal straightening group and a vertical straightening group. The horizontal straightening group and the vertical straightening group are powered separately. Pneumatic compression of length and speed measuring wheel

CNC shearing: CNC shearing machine is a fixed-length, speed-following, hydraulic shearing equipment.

Automatic feeder: the cut material is automatically sent to the polishing machine. Basically consists of a clamping wheel and a transmission mechanism.

Vertical two-roller machine: It has the functions of straightening and calendering. The upper and lower convex and concave rollers are used to grind and straighten the metal bar. The characteristic is that the pressure of the roller can be adjusted automatically, which can further improve the straightness of the metal rod. The vertical two-roller machine produced by Foye Machinery cannot be imitated by others.

Receiving rack: A device that gathers the metal bars produced from the combined drawing machine. Our company has done a lot to avoid scratches on the metal bars.

Electric cabinet: The combined drawing machine is a multifunctional and fully automated production line. The control is divided into the main control cabinet of the drawing (control cutting, pre-straightening before drawing, drawing, intermediate straightening, cutting (hydraulic power), pinching, etc.) and the main control cabinet of the vertical two-roller.

Operating table (station) point distribution: drawing, cutting, vertical two-roller. Each point has an emergency stop button. The equipment is interlocked with each other. This production line has three operating modes: manual, automatic and pause. The control voltage is DC24V.