Double chain continuous drawing unit

The double-strand continuous drawing machine is used to repeatedly press and bend the bent non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals to achieve straightening, peeling, and smoothing effects. Various products can be drawn according to the size and shape of the mold. A device that uses hydraulic shears to cut to length.


1. Fully automatic production: Only people are required to operate during unwinding and receiving, which reduces labor and improves production efficiency. A whole line machine only needs one person to guard, and the production efficiency reaches 25 meters

2. Stable performance: The working time of the machine can reach 16 hours a day without interruption, realizing the enterprise's two-shift working time system

3. The processed products are of high quality.

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Product details

1. Processing objects: non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals

2. Rated drawing force: 40T

3. Stretching speed: 5-25m/min

4. Finished product specifications: round material Φ20~Φ40, square bar H16~27, hexagonal S16~32

5. Section reduction rate at the maximum finished product specification: 13.9%

6. Finished product length: 2~6m

7. Finished surface roughness: Ra0.8

8. Straightness of finished product: 0.15mm/m

9. Finished product outer diameter tolerance: ±0.01mm

10. Main motor power (two sets): 165KW

11.Total power of the unit: 500KW

12. Unit weight: about 70T