Vertical two-roll straightening machine

This unit is an integral part of the combined drawing machine and can also be used alone. It is mainly used for straightening bars, with the advantages of high precision and fast speed. It is driven by two electric motors separately, and drives the universal joint and the main drive shaft to rotate after frequency conversion, and the roller mounted on the main drive shaft also rotates at the same time. The center height of the vertical two-roller is adjustable. When the diameter of the finished product changes, the two rollers are adjusted in parallel to a position slightly larger than the specifications of the material to be processed.

Product details

1: Convex and concave roller shape is adopted. The curve of the roller shape is composed of straightening, rolling and transition zone. It has the dual functions of straightening and rolling. It is a line contact type and can achieve straightening and rolling in the full length.


2: Adopting the principle of constant pressure load control to roll compression and straightening, to ensure the pressure required for straightening and rolling on the bar, and to reduce the head and tail diameter reduction phenomenon.


3: The main drive adopts AC motor, the reduction box frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, the roll gap adopts electric adjustment, and the scale display is sensitive and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.


4: The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic station, which uses a vane pump as a power source, and a direct-acting relief valve is used for overload unloading, which plays a role of maintaining pressure and buffering.

5. Fine leveling rolling machine: a frame structure with two beams and four columns. The two rollers are all active, and the upper and lower rollers are equipped with angle adjustment mechanisms and side guides.