LBJZ combined drawing machine

The combined drawing unit is a high-precision, high-efficiency, professional processing equipment for metal rods, tubes and wires. The unit has the following functions: unwinding, initial straightening, drawing, fine straightening, fixed length cutting, feeding, polishing or pressing and straightening, and collecting finished products. Multi-process in one full automatic processing equipment, and can process a variety of special-shaped materials, such as hexagonal, square, flat square, circular and other kinds of profiles.


Fully automatic production:only when feeding and receiving materials need to be operated by human beings, which reduces labor force and improves production efficiency. A whole line machine needs only one person to watch, and the production efficiency reac

Stable performance: the machine can work 16 hours a day without interruption, to achieve the enterprise's two shifts working time system;

High quality finished products: surface roughness up to Ra0.8, straightness 0.10-0.25mm/m

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Product details

Uncoiling machine \ Uncoiling machine: A device for conveniently taking out the front end of the wire \ disk circle and inserting it into the intended straightening part.

Prestraightening: Preparatory straightening is a device for roughly straightening the wire and feeding it into the extrusion die. In order to make the wire behind the wire more stable, the wire is removed from its own stress before drawing.

Drawing main machine: the drawing trolley is driven to reciprocate by CAM rotation to realize continuous drawing of materials. According to the size of the material to select the corresponding mold and clamp mouth. Determine drawing process according to different materials.

Fine straightening: The fine straightening machine consists of length speed measuring wheel, horizontal straightening group and vertical straightening group. The horizontal straightening group and the vertical straightening group were independently powered. Length and speed measuring wheel pneumatic compaction

CNC shearing machine: CNC shearing machine is a fixed length, speed following, hydraulic shearing equipment.

Automatic feeder: The finished material is automatically sent to the polishing machine. It is basically composed of clamp wheel and transmission mechanism.

Polishing machine: The polishing machine is composed of a frame, adjustable parabolic disk, fixed parabolic disk, straightening cylinder, blade and polishing tank, etc. 2 pairs (4 pieces) of polishing discs grind the surface of the metal rod, and 7 pipe nozzles straighten the metal rod, which can make the metal rod become more bright and straight.

Vertical two-roller straightener: it has the function of straightening and pressing. The surface of metal rod is ground and straightened by the upper and lower two convex and concave rollers. The characteristic is that the pressure of the drum can be adjusted automatically, which can improve the straightness of the metal bar again. The vertical two - roller machine produced by Foye machinery is imitated by others.

Feeder: Device for holding together metal bars produced by a combined drawing machine. Our company has worked hard to avoid scratches from metal bars here.

Electric cabinet: Combined drawing machine is a multi-functional and fully automated production line. The control is divided into drawing main control cabinet (control material opening, pre-straightening before drawing, drawing, middle straightening, cutting off (hydraulic power), clipping, etc. and vertical two-roller machine main control cabinet.

Operation table (station) point distribution: drawing, cutting, vertical two - roller machine. Each point has an emergency stop button. The devices are interlinked with each other. The production line has three operation modes: manual operation, automatic operation and suspension operation. The control voltage is DC24V.